Cat Know How

Introducing your new cat to other family members requires some planning, especially if the family includes children or other pets. And if they don’t already know, all household members should be shown how to safely handle a cat.

There’s more to loving a cat than an occasional scratch behind the ears. To bond with your feline friend, learn what else gets a cat purring.

Once you’ve brought a new cat into your home, the most important thing you can do for her is to provide an optimally balanced nutrition plan to help ensure a healthy, happy life. Proper foods deliver life-sustaining nutrients to your cat, and proper nutrition can improve your cat’s quality of life and vitality. 

Chocolate, Macadamia nuts, avocados…these foods may sound delicious to you, but they’re actually quite dangerous for our animal companions. Our nutrition experts have put together a handy list of the top toxic people foods to avoid feeding your pet. As always, if you suspect your pet has eaten any of the following foods, please note the amount ingested and contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

Your cat is dependent upon you for a long, healthy, and happy life. Becoming a pet parent is a lifelong commitment. Your biggest responsibility will be to keep your new friend healthy, safe, and happy. For doing so, you will be rewarded with years of warm companionship, unfailing trust, and long purrs of happiness.

Thanks to better care, pets are living longer now than ever before. But, as pets get older, they need extra care and attention. The American Veterinary Medical Association shares important information about caring for your senior pet in this brochure.

While many cats take to using the litter box immediately, yours may need a little extra encouragement. The following suggestions will help you train your cat to use a litter box, or correct any litter box problems that have occurred.

By encouraging new activities and augmenting your cat’s environment, you can make your cat happier, healthier, and more confident.

Whether it is lost or stolen, losing a pet is an agonizing experience. Even the most responsible pet owners can face unexpected circumstances that cause their animals to accidentally stray. This is especially true during summer when windows and doors tend to be open. The following are solutions if you’ve lost your pet & common types of identification that can mean the difference between life and death for your best friend. Remember, with each of these methods, it is imperative to keep your information up to date.

Did you know a cat’s tongue is magic? Or that some calico kitties are actually male? Impress your friends with a few surprising cat facts.

Every cat is an individaul so there are many ways your particular cat may display affection. To learn about bunting, kneading, allogrooming and tail flicks, read on!

Whether you’re thinking about adopting another feine or already have a kitty crowd, understanding how cats see the world will help you prevent mild skirmishes from escalating into all-out war.

Holiday Safety

Massachusetts Pet Trusts

Effective April 7, 2011,a new law in Massachusetts allows a person to set up a trust for the benefit of a pet. In the past, pet owners were limited under Massachusetts law to leaving funds to a person and hoping those funds would be used to take care of the pet as a moral obligation, but not a legal one. Under this new law, a trust can be set up with the pet as beneficiary. To read more about setting up a pet trust, visit the comprehensive blog written by Brian E. Barreira. You should speak with your lawyer or estate planner to see if setting up a pet trust makes sense for you.

Issues In Your Multi-Cat Household?

The Humane Society of the United States has this advice for anyone trying to maintain peace (or at least a state of mutual tolerance) between cats at home. Helping Family Cats Be Friends from Animal Sheltering Magazine July/August 2008.

The Importance of IDs

Think You Should Declaw Your Cat? Think Again.

Why Are You Asking Me So Many Questions?

Understanding Cerebellar Hypoplasia

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Debunking the Black Cat Myth

Did you know that black cats are lucky? They get a bad rap in this country, but the truth is that black cats have been viewed as luck bringers and guardians over many centuries and in many cultures. Read how black cats can bring you luck!