COVID-19 Update

PALS has resumed adoptions by appointment only starting, Saturday, June 27th

While we’re eager to get back to saving more lives, our first priority is for the health and safety of our staff and the public.  That’s why adoptions will be made by appointment only, Saturday & Sunday from 11-3 until further notice, and only those with an appointment will be permitted inside. Right now, our focus is to find permanent homes for our cats in foster care. PALS recognizes that many of you may wish to adopt a new feline friend, however, individuals who have previously completed an adoption application will be contacted first.

If you’re interested in adopting a pet from PALS, be sure to follow these steps:

1. Fill out an adoption application on our website (  Once you’ve submitted it, please be patient! An adoption counselor will call you for a pre-adoption conversation if we have an appropriately matched pet for your household.

 2. At this time, we are not able to call everyone who submits an adoption application.

 4. Please do not call our Hotline. This is an emergency number and only checked periodically. Also, PLEASE DO NOT call PetSmart. We are independent of them and they cannot help you regarding available cats.

5. All adoption applications will be online only until further notice.

6. Please arrive at your adoption appointment on time. If you are more than   10 minutes late, your appointment may be forfeited.

 7. All persons entering the store as well as the adoption center must have an approved face cover. Only one family member will be allowed in the adoption center at a time.

 8. We will only be accepting credit card payments until further notice, no checks or cash.

Thank you for joining us in our effort to keep everyone healthy and safe. Together, we can do our part to minimize the impact of the potential spread of COVID-19.


The goal of our small but dedicated group is to find appropriate homes for our locally rescued cats and kittens. Our Adoption Counselors spend many hours with the cats and are able to help you find the perfect match. They will help suggest a cat based on factors including your home, family, interests and lifestyle. Each situation, adopter, and cat requires a different approach and while we reserve the right to refuse an adoption, we always make every effort to work with you to address concerns or find the most appropriate feline companion.

As a potential adopter, the first step in the process is to complete an adoption application. Applications are available outside our Adoption Center or here. This form will provide us with information about yourself and your household to help facilitate the match-making process, so be specific about the type of cat you are looking for.  

Please make sure that you are:

  • At least 21-years of age
  • In possession of a valid photo ID
  • Financially able to take care of a feline companion. This includes both routine and emergency veterinary care, food, and litter.

Some things we may need to discuss or verify before you adopt:

RENTERS: Please be sure your landlord will consent to have the cat on his/her property. We verify this information with landlords before sending a new cat home, so please have your landlord’s name and phone number available, or bring in a signed letter of consent.

HOMEOWNERS: Please provide proof of home ownership (i.e. tax bill, mortgage statement, deed). Some towns allow verification of home ownership via an online database. We can try that if you don’t have documentation with you.

OTHER PETS IN YOUR HOME: All of your pets need to be up-to-date on vaccinations. Please bring documentation with you. Alternatively, we may be able to verify this by calling your veterinarian. Note: Many vet offices are closed on weekends and some require client consent before releasing any information.

When your application is complete, you can submit it online or drop it off at our Adoption Center on Saturday or Sunday, or you can slip it under the door of the Adoption Center if no volunteer is available.

Once received, we will review your application, check references, and contact you within 48 hours with any questions.

When your application is approved, we will contact you to arrange an appointment at our Adoption Center which is open every Saturday from 11AM to 4PM and every Sunday from 11AM to 3PM. 

*If you have any questions about specific cats, please email