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Established in 1995, PALS Animal Life Savers is a no-kill, all-volunteer feline rescue group based in Salem, MA. The goal of our small, but dedicated group is to find appropriate homes for stray, abandoned, abused or surrendered cats and kittens. 

View some of our cats who are ready for adoption here. For inquiries, you may email adoptions@palsanimallifesavers.com

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“Hi, My name is Stitch! I’m almost a year old, and I’m what the hoomans call a ‘tux-ee-dough’. I don’t know what that means. Or why they say I have a ‘moose-tassshh’ instead of whiskers. Look, my whiskers are bomb! 

So, why am I here? Well, that’s kind of a long story. I don’t like talking about that so much. I was wandering around and I got caught in a building. I don’t remember a lot about what happened. They called it a ‘fire’ and I was lucky to not be hurted worse than I was!  I was really scared. And it took away all the fur on my bum! 

Like I said, I don’t remember a lot about what happened and when I do I shake and want to hide. A lot of loud noises make me scared too. Sometimes I get so scared I make pee outside of the box, because I don’t get there in time. I don’t mean to! I just get so scared sometimes because the loud noises remind me of the bad time.

 The doctors say I have a thing they call Pee-Tee-Ess-Dee. That means when something reminds me of the bad thing, I get scared and then I wee outside of the box. It means I need a nice, quiet place home, so I won’t get so scared.

All my fur is back, all the way to my tippy-tail, and everyone says I am a good, handsome boy. I just want a nice, quiet home with someone nice who is patient and understands me.


Email info@palsanimallifesavers.com, fill out the form below for general inquiries, or join us on social media!

Adoption Center: 10 Traders Way (inside PetSmart), Salem, MA 

Adoption Hours: By Appointment Only

    Foster. Donate. Volunteer. Advocate.

    The goal of all of our volunteers is to find permanent and loving homes for all of our animals. 


    Fostering is an extremely rewarding experience, and one that is integral to the successful placement of our cats and kittens.


    You can help our cats and kittens in foster by purchasing items from our Amazon Wishlist. Our list also includes items to keep our cats and kittens entertained while at the Adoption Center as well as essential cleaning items.


    Today PALS has expanded to more than 40 volunteers who help keep the Adoption Center operating. Duties range from FCS (Feeding, Cleaning & Socializing), Adoption Staff, Laundry, Transport and Cleaning.


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    Take a moment to view some of our favorite “Happy Tails”!

    We adopted our boy Zander (pictured on the right) back in April 2019, and he’s been such a wonderful addition to our lives. He quickly became best buds with our other cat Bernie!


    Stacy & John, Saugus

    Peter loves his mouse on a string toy I got him. We play several times a day and he races around the living room and jumps in the air as I make the mouse run along the floor. He curls up in my lap watching TV and comes up in the bed a bit, but so far seems to prefer sleeping in my recliner chair. He is full of energy and affection, eats everything I give him, and is already unafraid of my coffee-grinder, paper-shredder, and dishwasher… Anyone who passed on adopting Peter missed out on a wonderful kitty! ♥️


    Kristen, Beverly

    Piper (previously named Emelie) has added so much love to my home, and is stuck to me like glue. Her favorite things are soft food, sunbathing, and playing with any toy that involves string. Her neurological diagnosis does not stop her from fully exploring the apartment (even the kitchen counters), but she is still working on making her predatory crawls more graceful. She spends her nights sprawled out on my bed and does not move until I wake — because that means it’s time to eat. When my roommate comes home, she has mastered pretending she has not yet eaten so she can con her way into a second meal, but we have learned to see past her trickery. Thank you for allowing me to spend life with this fur baby.


    Jasmine, Exeter, NH

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