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Lego (March 2018) From new mom Nicole:
We got Lego after losing our Miss Kitty almost 2 years prior. We weren't sure if we could handle having a different fury friend but we knew we could not go one more day with out the love of a cat. So we visited PALS and it was love at first sight! My son saw Lego and said "he's the one!" I instantly fell for hiswild dragon eyes. So we asked to spend some time with him and it went so well! We were told Lego may not be kid friendly, that he was very active and hands on and also wasn't really great at staying home alone. Seeing him play with my 8 year old son i could not imagine he wouldn't do great with the other kids. Soon as we got Lego home my nieces just had to meet him and off Lego went to hide. I thought that's fine maybe he'll get use to them and maybe not. But after 2 months of having children around often he has warmed up and is quite friendly! No more running and hiding when there's noise or new people. He's become so brave even outside where he was so jumpy over every thing. Now the kids run circles around him while he just lays in the sun. He even loves car ride (not the greatest at being home alone) and realized really quickly that when i get the back pack he gets to go for a ride! Now He wakes me up to take him out like a dog and even brings me his harness. He is so sweet and so wild all at once just like my son haha. Lego is a rescue, i know any one could have given him the life he deserves but I'm so blessed he chose us! Because at the end of the day i feel like the one who has been rescued. He's filled our hearts with new love and adventure! And right when our family needed him the most there he was waiting for us. Thank you so much PALS for every thing you do for these animals. But also for helping make us complete again! I wouldn't change Lego for any thing he makes us all work hard and we will never stop loving this guy with all our hearts, not even when we get the "Lego love tap" he is famous for!
Lego Small
Lego2 Small
Lego3 Small

Charlee (formerly Mitzi

Charlee (formerly Mitzi) adopted May 2017.

Colin & Colby, Now Cody & Otis

Cody & Otis at one year old ~ adopted May 2017.
Otis  Cody

Maebelle & Oliver

Maebelle & Oliver ~ adopted February 2018
Maebelle  Oliver

Mugsy & Cotton ~ Now Ghost & Buster

Mugsy & Cotton, (April 2017) now Buster & Ghost are settling in quite nicely according to their new mom.  She is loving every minute with her new fur babies!

buster  ghost

Adopt a locally rescued cat or kitten through PALS, a no-kill, all-volunteer, nonprofit feline rescue group based in Salem.

Hours for adoptions: Saturday 11-4 & Sunday 11-3

You may view the available cats and kittens in their cages during regular PetSmart store hours.

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