Meet our Cats


RoxieRoxie is a 7-year-old sweetheart with a rust-and-black tortoiseshell coat. Roxie developed poor litterbox habits when she lived with a family with children, a dog, and other cats. We believe that she really didn't like her cat litter, and there were also some territorial issues. She has been in foster for about 6 months and once her foster mom discovered Precious Cat clumping litter, Roxie began to pee in her box - every time! She continues to be a well disciplined kitty, even when there was a potential territorial issue with the male cat in the household. PALS believes this issue is resolved, but we are totally open to a return if an adopter observes anything suspicious.

Roxie is super affectionate once she gets to know you, rubbing up against your legs, purring and headbutting your hands and legs. She has really nice thick, soft fur. She also has velvety black feet with "thumbs" - her fifth front toe sticks out and looks like a thumb. She loves to play with wand toys like the cat charmer. When she is really comfortable she lies on her belly with her front legs out and crosses her paws in front of her. She likes to hop up on the bed or couch next to her human, but she does startle if you move quickly. She is likely to become a lap cat with the right person. She also likes to rub the side of her gums/cheeks on you and will nip affectionately, which you will have to discourage by ignoring her briefly. Roxie would do great in a one-person home or with a couple. She would like a peaceful home, with only one or two people and no other pets, but she still wants to play with you a couple times a day.

Roxie would need to continue to get Precious Cat litter in her box - or, if not available, a medium-grain, scoopable clay litter. She likes a clean box and she also likes fresh clean water or a water fountain. Roxie is a lovable, affectionate, soft and beautiful girl and we're just looking for the right match to take her home.

Nana Gumbo

NanaNana Gumbo, a quiet, mellow and affectionate 9 year old, has a sweet temperament. She does, however, live to lounge, and is quite happy sleeping in a sunny spot, or at the foot of your bed. Nana is looking for a home with peaceful surroundings but can adapt to a more lively environment once she feels secure. If you have the patience to introduce Nana to your home slowly, showing her kindness until she builds trust, she will be a loving companion. Nana is a girl who simply doesn't want to be rushed.

Itty Bitty

Itty Bitty Kitty 2 800x794
Itty Bitty Kitty (adopted by his original family as a tiny kitten, thus the name), is a 7-year-old sweetheart. Gentle, playful, and receptive to humans, Itty Bitty would make a wonderful addition to your family. He did come from an active home with many kids and pets, and may prefer his new place to be a bit less hectic. One of our volunteers swears he loves it when people sing to him!


EverettEverett is a dashing 2-year-old grey and white male tuxedo, a dream kitty once he has a moment to sniff you out. He is not a fan of other cats and needs to be your only pet, but he will be the only pet you need. This boy wants to literally jump in your arms and never let go. Everett likes to head butt, reach for you with his paw, and do anything else that will earn your attention. He hasn't had the benefit of proper etiquette training and does nibble a little when he plays, so he would like an owner that realizes he can be trained to be a bit more polite in his play. He will purr his thanks. Lots of interactive toys and verbal training will make Everett the perfect cat.


minouMinou is a seven-year-old wonder cat. He may act timid for the first few seconds, but then shows his affectionate side, head butting with such force that he'll knock you over. Although he doesn't like to be held for long, he can be picked up and cuddled. Minou simply loves human companionship and will be eager to be your new best friend. He would, however, like a quieter home as he did get stressed living with a toddler and a dog in his previous home. Minou will make a great first pet in a home with older children.

Adopt a locally rescued cat or kitten through PALS, a no-kill, all-volunteer, nonprofit feline rescue group based in Salem.

Hours for adoptions: Saturday & Sunday 11-4 and Monday-Wednesday-Friday 11-1 (by appointment)

You may view the available cats and kittens in their cages during regular PetSmart store hours.

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